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Welcome, rules and stuff.

Welcome to the Jrock Banners community, where you can post and request all kinds of banners which are Jrock related.

Want a Friends Only banner? A nice graphic for your User Info page or your LJ layout?
This is the place to get one.

The only rules are:

  • Use the LJ cut when posting more than one banner or a big one.

  • Comment before you take anything. Once you do, upload to your own server and credit the maker.

  • Request whatever you like. Just be specific with what you want, picture, size, colors, texts. We like making banners, we're not mind readers.

  • Tell everyone you know about the community, so it would be big and happy.

  • This community is for Jrock banners only. Please keep that in mind. Random banners requests or posts will be ignored. Or worse, people will try to bite your head off. Either way.

  • Have fun!

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